Creative Europe (2014-2020) is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. Its two sub-programmes, Culture and MEDIA, highlight the magnitude and diversity of European cultural heritage, have a positive contribution to the development of the European economy and help generate growth and jobs.

The Programme safeguards and promotes European cultural diversity and fosters Europe’s cultural richness. It also helps the cultural and audiovisual sectors adapt to the digital age and contributes to Cultural Dialogue. It opens up new international opportunities, markets and audiences. Cinema lovers are given the opportunity to watch feature films from across Europe, screened in hundreds of cinema halls and festivals around Europe.

From 2016, Creative Europe will include a financial guarantee instrument to help the cultural and creative sectors have better access to finance under the Programme.
In Cyprus, Creative Europe is managed by the private organisation TALOS.

For more information on the Programme and, in particular, the Media Sub-programme, please visit the following websites:

Creative Europe supports:
– Cross-border cooperation projects between cultural and creative organisations within the EU and beyond;
– Networks helping the cultural and creative sectors to operate transnationally and to strengthen their competitiveness;
– Platforms of cultural operators promoting emerging artists and stimulating a truly European programming of cultural and artistic works;
– Capacity building and professional training for audiovisual professionals;
– Development of fiction, animations, creative documentaries and video games for European cinema, television markets and other platforms;
– Distribution and sales of audiovisual works in and outside Europe;
– Film festivals that promote European films;
– Funds for the international co-production of films;
– Audience development to foster film literacy and to raise interest in Europe’s films through a wide range of events.