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A death defying, life affirming odyssey. The thrilling story of George Andreou and his epic and spiritual journey of reaching the world’s highest mountain peak.


Vassilia has lost contact with the world for some years. When her daughters reunite to organise her fancy 80th birthday party, the youngest one has a plan: to leave Vasilia to her sisters and finally continue with her life. Along with all the differences and traumas of the past, there comes “the elephant in the room”: who is going to take responsibility for their demented mother now?


A Filipino domestic worker is called upon to help an elderly couple in a mountain village in Cyprus, something that seems a quite easy task, but at the end of the day it will become obvious that it wasn’t that easy.


In 1970 the people of Karmi in Cyprus participate in an unprecedented experience: the shooting of the film “Beloved”, with Hollywood cast and crew. This documentary functions as a kaleidoscope, transmitting images of that magical time and of the traumatic changes in their lives after the Turkish invasion. Four decades later, they revisit nostalgically those old beloved days.


Isolated in his apartment, the lonely forty-year old Giorgos meticulously devises an intricate plan to take his life after his beloved mother chokes to death on a pistachio. As the day progresses, Giorgos allows excuses, obstacles and people to hinder his final deadly leap from the balcony, completely oblivious to the true reason behind all his stalling.


A young man has to tell his girlfriend that he has been accepted on a one-way mission to Mars.


A palace ravaged by blood. A slaughterhouse holds all the passions of mankind. A woman, wandering the premises of an abandon slaughterhouse, a reminiscent of her palace, ‘bleeds out’ sins and stereotypes, questioning the story granted to her: When Agamemnon returns from the Trojan War, Clytemnestra murders him in revenge for the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia. Years later, their son, Orestes comes home to avenge his father’s death.

From a dystopian present to an expressionistic past and vice versa, in a re-tell of the myth, “Drained” abolishes both the victimization and demonization of her female self. In her vigorous, yet lyrical monologue, Clytemnestra puts before the audience eternal moral questions: Is self-justice an act of righteousness? Does revenge bring salvation? Can an assassination be forgiven?

While the circle of blood of the Atreides family acts as an archetype, “Drained”, narrates the timeless struggle of a woman who fights for clear consciousness existence and redemption against ruthless, vicious time.


Fourteen years old, Sami lives with his father in a refugee camp in Cyprus. One day he witnesses the death of a refugee who commits suicide by setting himself on fire. During the dinner with his father, Sami tries to talk to him about their possibility to go back home after the war. Father has nothing to reply. Surrounded by strangers and a sullen atmosphere in the camp, Sami runs away in the middle of the night.

Off Guard

Two men guard a mysterious building. Things get out of hand when one of them decides to open the door and find out what hides behind it.


Cyprus, 1974. Maria is trying to find a trace of her son who is in the frontline of the Turkish invasion.