Images and Views of Alternative Cinema

This festival was launched by an initiative of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and Theatro Ena, in cooperation with the Cultural Organisation Brave New Culture and Point Centre for Contemporary Art. Through its programmes, it aims to highlight alternative and experimental film expression.

Since its inaugural year, the organisers and their associates have sought to showcase experimental cinema through a truly diverse programme, giving audiences an opportunity to view the work of alternative filmmakers, artistic movements and cinema trends. Their shared goal is the exploration of the aesthetic and formalistic possibilities of audiovisual art, tackling social and personal concerns, while challenging commercial film forms. The festival often combines film language with other forms of audiovisual expression, such as video art and animation.

The Festival, usually held in the month of June, includes screenings of significant works from the fields of experimental and alternative cinema, animation and video-art. Moreover, it seeks to create a forum for discussion and academic talks, by hosting film professionals, critics and theoreticians, artists, art lovers and friends of alternative cinema.

In cooperation with leading organisations such as Canyon Cinema and The Film-Makers’ Cooperative, this small-scale Festival has exhibited films from American Underground Cinema, giving Cypriot audiences the opportunity to become acquainted with a drastically different aspect of American cinema. The Cypriot public has expressed great interest in the tribute to Italian Neorealist Documentaries, organised in cooperation with the Luce Institute, as well as tributes to film pioneers from the Greek Film Archive, the Lettrist movement, New Algerian Cinema, the British documentary Free Cinema  movement, and the great feminist filmmaker M. Longinotto, etc.

Cooperation with the Goethe Institute has also been fruitful, curating programmes dedicated to the German Modernist movement and the Dresden International Festival. Some recent screenings include works by the great French situationist artist and philosopher Guy Debord, the exceptional documentaries of the Armenian Artavazd Peleshian, who honoured us with his presence at the Festival, the films of pioneer documentary filmmaker Joris Evens, presented at the Festival by his wife, as well as films by Marceline Evens, Klaus Wyborny and many more.