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Brothers (2015)

Γιάννα Αμερικάνου

Yianna Amerikanou


Πρόγραμμα ΣΕΚιν

Production Company: Filmblades Ltd

Log Line: Dimitris (16) is living in a Youth Hostel under the supervision of the Welfare Office of Cyprus, slighter with the hitherto course of his life he is convinced that a reunion with his biological father will be his real escape.

Film Synopsis: Dimitris has been living for some years in a Youth Hostel in Limassol. He had in the past some failed efforts of cohabitations with foster families while recently he has been visiting over the weekends a young childless couple, Kyriakos and Julia. Having embraced him with their affection, the couple wants Dimitris to stay with them more often but Dimitris is considering his need to be reunited with his father after he comes out of prison. This needs proves to be more powerful than anything else but eventually drives him into a dark pathway. In the hostel four boys also live there. Fate brings the boys closer and their need for a family makes them realize that brothers are not always united by the same blood.


Ο Άνθρωπος με τις Απαντήσεις

 The Man With the Answers

Production Company: Felony Film Productions Ltd



Two young boys, a Greek and a German, meet on a boat to Ancona and start rediscovering themselves on a road trip through a series of adventurous events. Victor is a charming boy in his early 20’s, living with his grandmother in the city of Patras, in Greece. An ex-diving champion, he works at a furniture factory earning his living. With a family puzzle unsolved, missing his triumph days and with no inspiration around, his grandmothers’ death brings a sudden twist in his life. During the arrangements of her funeral, Victor finds a letter in her closet, posted from Germany. Confused about life, love and relations, the content of the letter pushed him, spontaneously, to face his fears. Not sure of what he was searching for, he takes his grandmother’s old car and drives towards the port. On the boat he meets Matthias, a handsome free-spirited German, who is returning to his hometown Berlin. The two of them begin a road trip from Ancona to Hamburg. Matthias is constantly pushing Victor to come out of his comfort zone during various games of question and answers and other challenges as Victor’s uptight character clashes with the free-spirited Matthias. An adventurous journey leads the two boys to Hamburg where, through the unpredictable turns of life, they learn to confront their fears. About life, love and themselves.

Life Beneath (2015)

Αλεξία Ρόιτερ

Alexia Roider

Feature /Fiction

Πρόγραμμα ΣΕΚιν

Production Company: Filmblades Ltd

Οι λεπτές ισορροπίες της Σόφης κλονίζονται, όταν ο γιος της αρχίζει να έχει τραυματικές αναμνήσεις από άλλη ζωή. Η ταινία The Life Beneath είναι ένα ταξίδι προς την αυτογνωσία, την αποδοχή και την πρόκληση των ανθρώπινων σχέσεων. Έχοντας χάσει το σύζυγό της, η εργασιομανής Σόφη βρίσκεται ξαφνικά αντιμέτωπη με μια δραματική αλλαγή στη συμπεριφορά του εφτάχρονου γιου της, που αρχίζει να έχει αναμνήσεις από άλλη ζωή. Καθώς ο γιος της χάνεται ολοένα στη δική του πραγματικότητα, η Σόφη καλείται να επιλέξει μεταξύ της καριέρας και της μητρότητας και να αποδεκτεί την πραγματικότητα που βιώνει ο γιος της, ώστε να τον βοηθήσει.


Πολιορκία στην Οδό Λιπέρτη (2015)

Siege on Liberty Street

 Σταύρος Πάμπαλης

Feature /Fiction

Πρόγραμμα ΣΕΚιν


Εταιρεία Παραγωγής: MED FOCUS Ltd (Green Olive Films