Independent Producers Support Program

The Independent Producers Support Program is addressed to independent productions that have not received any other funding from the Film Production Support Program of the Deputy Ministry of Culture. The Cinema Advisory Committee examines the applications and makes its recommendations according to the financial capability enabled by the film production fund of each year.

The Cinema Advisory Committee accepts proposals from the same film director and producer once every three years. Proposals that promote violence, pornography, discrimination of any kind, commit libel and encourage use of addictive substances are not be accepted.

The Independent Producers Support Program falls under the De Minimis programme.


  1. Eligibility for participation in the Funding Programme:
  • The film director must be Cypriot and the production company must be registered in Cyprus.
  • The thematic content of the film must address Cypriot society and/or history.
  • 80% of the film shoot must have taken place in Cyprus and be at their final stage.
  • The film must be shot entirely, or primarily, in one, or both, of the official languages of the Republic of Cyprus.
  1. The inclusion of a film production in one of the Funds of this Regulation is not binding for the Ministry, which is therefore not obliged to automatically approve the same production in a different Fund.
  1. In all cases, the format of the recommended films must correspond to the formats determined in the relevant programmes of the Cinema Advisory Committee. For digital productions, the following formats shall be accepted: Standard Digital (for Alternative Films), HD, 2K, 4K and, generally, anything related to professional equipment.
  1. Applications must meet all the requirements governing the Fund to which the film is submitted and include all necessary documentation.
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