Feature Films


A young apprentice witch dreams of becoming the most wicked witch around – and of course, a wicked witch needs an evil, fire-breathing dragon. Using an old recipe and magic spells, our inexperienced protagonist will eventually conjure a special dragon; just not the one she had in mind!


A Filipino domestic worker is called upon to help an elderly couple in a mountain village in Cyprus, something that seems a quite easy task, but at the end of the day it will become obvious that it wasn’t that easy.


Theoharis, an elderly and lonely man, takes refuge every evening in the hospital to spend the night on the benches and chairs of the outpatients’ wing. Every morning he returns to his house, where his only companion is his cat and his memories. One night he is discovered by a young nurse, Evgenia, who tries to learn more about him. Theoharis is initially sceptical and refuses to give her any information. Gradually, however, a relationship of trust between the two begins to build. A film that deals with loneliness, old age and the marginalization of elderly people.


In 1970 the people of Karmi in Cyprus participate in an unprecedented experience: the shooting of the film “Beloved”, with Hollywood cast and crew. This documentary functions as a kaleidoscope, transmitting images of that magical time and of the traumatic changes in their lives after the Turkish invasion. Four decades later, they revisit nostalgically those old beloved days.


An aspiring thief enters a detached house only to discover that he fell into a rabbit hole of sex, violence and absurdity.


Isolated in his apartment, the lonely forty-year old Giorgos meticulously devises an intricate plan to take his life after his beloved mother chokes to death on a pistachio. As the day progresses, Giorgos allows excuses, obstacles and people to hinder his final deadly leap from the balcony, completely oblivious to the true reason behind all his stalling.


A fifteen-year-old boy is trying to survive in a world without love. Adults are absent and his peers are threatening. As his immediate environment crumbles, young Grigoris tries to stand up and face his surrounding environment, with his teenage innocence and courage being his only weapons.


A Greek former diving champion and an eccentric German backpacker take an adventurous road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria. THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS is a picture-postcard travelogue about the familial ties that bind, the boys that catch our eye, and the twists and turns that lead us home.


Iris (13) lives in a developing neighborhood of the seaside town of Limassol, Cyprus. Abandoned by her father and neglected by her mother, she finds refuge at Salome’s (78). When mobsters decide to put pressure on Salome to leave her house for the development of a new casino, Iris is determined to defend her. In this asymmetrical struggle, Iris will find the support of her estranged father.