Short Films

Ζητάτε να σας πω

A group of fifteen-year-olds decides to break into the house of a quirky old woman with the intention of theft. PANAGIOTIS, the hero of our story, takes her wallet and leaves for his home. However, his regrets do not leave him in peace, and so he decides to return the wallet to its owner. This causes a relationship to develop between them, little Panagiotis and the quirky old woman, a relationship that at the end of the day leads both heroes to redemption.


A young man has to tell his girlfriend that he has been accepted on a one-way mission to Mars.


Summer is a permanent state of mind in Limassol, a once small seaside town in Cyprus that has transformed into the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Within this asphyxiating environment, Tina, a depressed food stylist, is ready to give up on everything on the day of her birthday, until an extraordinary encounter changes her life.


Abdallah, an Arab Muslim civil engineer married to Irene, a Greek Cypriot woman, is blamed for the collapse of a building in an Arab refugee settlement which causes the death of 7 people. Having been radicalized, Iman and Leila, two young Europeans of Arab origin, are sent to Cyprus, where they organize a terrorist attack at a Forum of European leaders. Michelle, a lonely 17-year old girl, child of a broken family, falls for Angelos, a handsome, domineering young man with racist ideals. Their relationship is strained when Michelle becomes pregnant. Ultimately, the three stories will overlap in an unexpected way.


A Greek former diving champion and an eccentric German backpacker take an adventurous road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria. THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS is a picture-postcard travelogue about the familial ties that bind, the boys that catch our eye, and the twists and turns that lead us home.


Young Dimitris, on the verge of manhood yet very much still a child, has romanticized his absent father to mythic proportions. When his father is finally released from prison, Dimitris’ dream of family happiness is more lucid than ever, yet it immediately transforms. While fighting to keep everything he wished for, he has to face an unprecedented form of violence.


A mentally ill Melanie is determined to end her life whilst staying in a desolate hotel. A woman’s cry for help from the room next door prompts Melanie to pause her suicide plan and investigate the disturbance. During her psychotic journey, Melanie will come face to face with her biggest foe for one last showdown.
Shot in one take, the voyeuristic narrative will oscillate from Melanie’s room to the room next door slowly prying loose the secrets of each occupant.


In the run-up to a referendum that could unite his long-divided nation, or tear it apart for-ever, a physics professor with early-onset Alzheimer’s discovers an unused Soviet Space Capsule, and a second chance at fulfilling a crazy childhood dream.


In a village, an old blacksmith tries to complete a lifelong dream of constructing a lighthouse. As he struggles with his past, a young boy arrives as an unexpected aid.