An elderly schizophrenic who has spent most of her life in a mental institution, sensing that the end of her life is nearing, devises an escape plan in order to return to her past. Her destination is the house she grew up in, in order to find her disabled sister, whom she holds responsible for her unhappiness. She wants to demand an apology from her and admit that the fatal car accident that left her disabled and took the lives of their parents happened because she was driving that fateful night, not her as everyone believes. She manages to escape and after an adventurous journey in a fantasy world unknown to her, after meeting very different people, some of whom will try to harm her and others to help her, she arrives where she wants. But her sister is in a coma. She then enlists her magical “arsenal” to bring her back. These are the sweets of a bonbonniere, which she believes contain supernatural powers.