Snow White Dies at the End

Shown through three different threads, the film is a tale of three groups of humans, one fly, one piglet, one toilet bowl and one city, whose paths cross and impact one another. A story about how tremendously difficult it is to remain honest and true to your own values in a morally corrupt environment.


A trans woman finds herself trapped inside the van of a mysterious man whose intentions are not what they seem to be.

Tsikitigklon, The Fairy and The Man, is a story about the true self we hide, and that the only way to remove the mask we all insist on wearing is through love… and a little magic.


When a teenager falls victim of a brutal attack. No good deed may temper the harm caused by hate and prejudice…


Young Dimitris, on the verge of manhood yet very much still a child, has romanticized his absent father to mythic proportions. When his father is finally released from prison, Dimitris’ dream of family happiness is more lucid than ever, yet it immediately transforms. While fighting to keep everything he wished for, he has to face an unprecedented form of violence.


Theoharis, an elderly and lonely man, takes refuge every evening in the hospital to spend the night on the benches and chairs of the outpatients’ wing. Every morning he returns to his house, where his only companion is his cat and his memories. One night he is discovered by a young nurse, Evgenia, who tries to learn more about him. Theoharis is initially sceptical and refuses to give her any information. Gradually, however, a relationship of trust between the two begins to build. A film that deals with loneliness, old age and the marginalization of elderly people.


Nala is an 18-year-old African asylum seeker just released from the shelter for unaccompanied minors. Stella is a local recovering drug addict fighting to get her child back. When these two women form an unlikely bond, together they will discover an unexpected twist on the meaning of love and family.


Smaragda (46), is a former kids TV show host. Disappointed with love, broke, with a dog and a career stuck in time, she decides to jump on the social media bandwagon in order to raise her profile, while taking a job as an entertainer in a tourist resort. But she feels like time is running out.


A Turkish-Cypriot woman assumes the identity of her deceased Greek-Cypriot friend and flees from war-ridden Cyprus to apartheid South Africa in 1974 to start a new life through an arranged marriage to a Greek-Cypriot man.


Summer is a permanent state of mind in Limassol, a once small seaside town in Cyprus that has transformed into the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Within this asphyxiating environment, Tina, a depressed food stylist, is ready to give up on everything on the day of her birthday, until an extraordinary encounter changes her life.