A mentally ill Melanie is determined to end her life whilst staying in a desolate hotel. A woman’s cry for help from the room next door prompts Melanie to pause her suicide plan and investigate the disturbance. During her psychotic journey, Melanie will come face to face with her biggest foe for one last showdown.
Shot in one take, the voyeuristic narrative will oscillate from Melanie’s room to the room next door slowly prying loose the secrets of each occupant.


75-year old Pandelis seeks shelter from the calamities of life in his memories.


Fourteen years old, Sami lives with his father in a refugee camp in Cyprus. One day he witnesses the death of a refugee who commits suicide by setting himself on fire. During the dinner with his father, Sami tries to talk to him about their possibility to go back home after the war. Father has nothing to reply. Surrounded by strangers and a sullen atmosphere in the camp, Sami runs away in the middle of the night.


The discovery of an icon, which seems to be crying, launches Elias’ remarkable journey from cemetery caretaker to holy man. While he is on his quest we also follow four other stories of people who have things they want to wish for. Some may seem more important than others but they are all just as human.


Cyprus, 2013. Spring. The financial crisis on the island and the fate of the entire banking system is hanging from a thread. A desperate theatre troupe decides to perform its swan song: A bank robbery! Without rehearsals, without any hope of success, but with a lot of fun, 6 friends will be confronted with the crime movies they grew up with and the scenarios they dreamed of as actors on stage.


Under the hot Greek sun, the animateurs at an all-inclusive island resort prepare for the busy touristic season. “Nonna” Kalia is the leader of the pack. Paper decors, glossy costumes, characters reminiscent of famous pop personas and dance shows fill the hotel’s stage. As summer intensifies and the pressure of their everyday grind builds up, Kalia’s nights turn violent and her wild summer story is revealed in the darkness. But when the spotlights are turned on again, her show must go on.

Off Guard

Two men guard a mysterious building. Things get out of hand when one of them decides to open the door and find out what hides behind it.


A young apprentice witch dreams of becoming the most wicked witch around – and of course, a wicked witch needs an evil, fire-breathing dragon. Using an old recipe and magic spells, our inexperienced protagonist will eventually conjure a special dragon; just not the one she had in mind!


A young man has to tell his girlfriend that he has been accepted on a one-way mission to Mars.