Cyprus offers a natural studio for every type of film production. More and more producers, visitors and locals are particularly interested in shooting films on the island. With a variety of cinematographic and audio-visual productions (films, documentaries, advertisements and so on) being shot on the island, Cyprus showcases both its natural beauty and its high quality cinematographic services.

The licensing process for filming in Cyprus, at this stage, is not provided by one single licensing authority. Interested parties should consult the relevant authorities and public services (see the Government Services page) to obtain the required licenses (the Department of Antiquities, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the local police, National Guard, Civil Aviation, and so on)

Interested individuals must contact the competent authorities and public services depending on their needs (see page on Government Services) to obtain the required permits (Department of Antiquities, Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Hospitals, Cyprus Police, National Guard, Civil Aviation, etc.)

In the case of local productions, the producer must take it upon him or herself to obtain the necessary licenses. In a number of cases, the cooperation of foreign productions with local production companies (see Cypriot Production Companies) made the process of obtaining filming licenses easier.