Region: Troodos Area

Kykkos Monastery

The most famous and rich monastery in Cyprus, the holy monastery of Kykkos, was founded in 1,100 and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It holds one of the three preserved icons attributed to Saint Loukas. It is covered in silver gilt and is kept inside a shrine made of tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl that stands in front of he iconostasis. The church’s museum is an integral part of the monastery and houses an invaluable collection of icons, sanctuaries, manuscripts and Cypriot antiquities.

Church of Saint Nicolas of Stegi – Kakopetria

The Church of Saint Nicolas of Stegi is located in a central area of the Troodos mountain range, in the northern part of the Solea Valley. It is built on the west bank of the Klariou/ Karkotis river, two kilometres south west of the village of Kakopetria. The Church of Saint Nicolas of Stegi, which dates to the first half of the eleventh century, is the only surviving and preserved monastery church of its kind on the island and is a perfect example of a Catholic Byzantine Monastery.


The island is blessed with the beauty of nature, in all its wonder. Its scenery spreads from its glorious shores, to its steep mountains, its aromatic forests and its rugged capes.


The village of Agros is located 35 kilometers north of Limassol, at an altitude of around 1,100 meters above sea level. It is considered to be one of the most interesting mountainous villages in Cyprus and it is the principal village of the Pitsilias area, as it is located n the center. Agros is well-known for its rose industry and for its other local products, such as, grapes and spoon sweets.

Troodos Mountains

The cluster of mountains surrounding the Troodos area provides the highest mountain range in Cyprus, reaching an altitude of 1,951 meters. The area close to the Hionistras peak is also included in the Troodos mountain range. This is where the three roads that link the mountain with Nicosia, Limassol and Prodromos meet, giving it the name Three Avenues.