South Eastern Europe Cinema Network

The South Eastern Europe Cinema Network, commonly abbreviated as SEE CINEMA NETWORK, was established in the spring of 2000 on the island of Hydra. It unites countries in Southeast Europe in a joint effort to support the production of short and feature films. The members of the Network are national institutions representing cinema in their respective countries.

The Network, an initiative of the Greek Film Centre and the Ministry of Culture of Greece, has continued to thrive thanks to the support of its member states and, most importantly, the close cooperation between participating stakeholders and their representatives. The Network has supported a significant number of films through the funding it provides for the development of feature-length works and the production of short films. Several of these films have earned awards and distinctions from festivals around the world.

The SEE plays an important role in the European film industry and serves as a great example of how art and culture can transcend political or diplomatic differences and foster intercultural relations.

Therefore, the Network seeks to further encourage cooperation among cinema professionals in the member states. To this end, it supports the development of international co-productions for feature films.

Furthermore, the SEE CINEMA NETWORK organises events and activities aiming to promote works produced in its member states. Such events include screenings at various national festivals held in the member states, as well as themed screenings with tributes to national cinemas. The Network also aims to foster cooperation with similar regional Networks, and neighbouring countries in the Southern Mediterranean.

Cyprus is a founding member of the SEE. The Network’s president, Mrs Elena Christodoulidou, is a Senior Cultural Officer responsible for the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

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