The Cultural Services supervise and preside over the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee. It is the competent advisory body which studies scripts and proposals submitted within the context of the Funding Programmes Regulation in Support of Film Production. The Decisions of the Committee are then ratified by the Minister of Education and Culture.

The Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee was established on 9 March 1994, following a decision by the Council of Ministers (No. 40.698) and has the following mandate:


The Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee is comprised of:

  1. A representative of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Chairman
  2. A representative of the Ministry of Finance
  3. A representative of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation,
  4. A representative of the Directors Guild of Cyprus,
  5. Four members nominated by the Council of Ministers on merit.
  1. a) To study scripts and proposals and advise the Government on matters relating to the funding of film productions or co-productions, both by the private sector in Cyprus and foreign producers; also, to follow-up the various production stages and advise on their final approval.
  2. b) To study Cyprus cinema in depth and submit proposals on the elaboration of legislation governing cinema affairs in Cyprus (production, promotion and distribution, etc.)