Lily, an intersex woman, has to face her traumatic past to prevent history from repeating itself, when her intersex niece is forced into corrective surgery.


14-year-old Irene finds out a secret about her father that puts a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile, she discovers the power of telekinesis.


A group of Filipino domestic workers in Cyprus prepare for a beauty pageant organised by the local community. The participants use it as an opportunity to gather once a week – their only day off – and to redefine their position as migrant working women in Cypriot society and reclaim their individuality. Meanwhile, an unprecedented case of a serial killer targeting foreign female workers and their little daughters comes to the surface, causing the reaction of the Filipino community.

Off Guard

Two men guard a mysterious building. Things get out of hand when one of them decides to open the door and find out what hides behind it.


A Turkish-Cypriot woman assumes the identity of her deceased Greek-Cypriot friend and flees from war-ridden Cyprus to apartheid South Africa in 1974 to start a new life through an arranged marriage to a Greek-Cypriot man.


Vassilia has lost contact with the world for some years. When her daughters reunite to organise her fancy 80th birthday party, the youngest one has a plan: to leave Vasilia to her sisters and finally continue with her life. Along with all the differences and traumas of the past, there comes “the elephant in the room”: who is going to take responsibility for their demented mother now?


A comedy mockumentary short, involving a retired low-level agent of the Dutch Agricultural Intelligence Agency (Hors van Dijk) and a Cypriot dodgy entrepreneur, “Papa”, the biggest exporter of Cyprus potatoes. Together they devise a disastrous plot to sell soil at the price of potatoes in Europe.


A death defying, life affirming odyssey. The thrilling story of George Andreou and his epic and spiritual journey of reaching the world’s highest mountain peak.

Ζητάτε να σας πω

A group of fifteen-year-olds decides to break into the house of a quirky old woman with the intention of theft. PANAGIOTIS, the hero of our story, takes her wallet and leaves for his home. However, his regrets do not leave him in peace, and so he decides to return the wallet to its owner. This causes a relationship to develop between them, little Panagiotis and the quirky old woman, a relationship that at the end of the day leads both heroes to redemption.