A mentally ill Melanie is determined to end her life whilst staying in a desolate hotel. A woman’s cry for help from the room next door prompts Melanie to pause her suicide plan and investigate the disturbance. During her psychotic journey, Melanie will come face to face with her biggest foe for one last showdown.
Shot in one take, the voyeuristic narrative will oscillate from Melanie’s room to the room next door slowly prying loose the secrets of each occupant.


A trans woman finds herself trapped inside the van of a mysterious man whose intentions are not what they seem to be.

Tsikitigklon, The Fairy and The Man, is a story about the true self we hide, and that the only way to remove the mask we all insist on wearing is through love… and a little magic.


In a village, an old blacksmith tries to complete a lifelong dream of constructing a lighthouse. As he struggles with his past, a young boy arrives as an unexpected aid.

Mediterranean Fever

Waleed (40) lives in Haifa with his wife and children and dreams of a writing career while suffering from chronic depression. He develops a close relationship with his neighbor (a small-time crook) with an ulterior plot in mind. His scheme ultimately leads to the formation of an unexpected friendship.


Off Guard


Cyprus, 2013. Spring. The financial crisis on the island and the fate of the entire banking system is hanging from a thread. A desperate theatre troupe decides to perform its swan song: A bank robbery!


Abdallah, an Arab Muslim civil engineer married to Irene, a Greek Cypriot woman, is blamed for the collapse of a building in an Arab refugee settlement which causes the death of 7 people. Having been radicalized, Iman and Leila, two young Europeans of Arab origin, are sent to Cyprus, where they organize a terrorist attack at a Forum of European leaders. Michelle, a lonely 17-year old girl, child of a broken family, falls for Angelos, a handsome, domineering young man with racist ideals. Their relationship is strained when Michelle becomes pregnant. Ultimately, the three stories will overlap in an unexpected way.


A documentary about the poet and painter Vassilis Michaelidis (1849 – 1917), who through his poems evokes his life story and the turbulent times he lived through.