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Iris (13) lives in a developing neighborhood of the seaside town of Limassol, Cyprus. Abandoned by her father and neglected by her mother, she finds refuge at Salome’s (78). When mobsters decide to put pressure on Salome to leave her house for the development of a new casino, Iris is determined to defend her. In this asymmetrical struggle, Iris will find the support of her estranged father.


14-year-old Irene finds out a secret about her father that puts a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile, she discovers the power of telekinesis.


A love triangle forms between a surrogate mother and the couple whose baby she is pregnant with, when she joins them on a seemingly perfect Greek island vacation. Nothing goes as planned when the truth is revealed about their real intentions and the secrets this island harbours.

Lily, an intersex woman, has to face her traumatic past to prevent history from repeating itself, when her intersex niece is forced into corrective surgery.


In a world where time changes arbitrarily, a couple’s relationship is tested as their individual and shared recollections of the past, present and future change unremittingly.


Two young soldiers across enemy lines fall in love and escape their oppressive circumstances through music.


A Filipino domestic worker is called upon to help an elderly couple in a mountain village in Cyprus, something that seems a quite easy task, but at the end of the day it will become obvious that it wasn’t that easy.


Under the hot Greek sun, the animateurs at an all-inclusive island resort prepare for the busy touristic season. “Nonna” Kalia is the leader of the pack. Paper decors, glossy costumes, characters reminiscent of famous pop personas and dance shows fill the hotel’s stage. As summer intensifies and the pressure of their everyday grind builds up, Kalia’s nights turn violent and her wild summer story is revealed in the darkness. But when the spotlights are turned on again, her show must go on.


During a riot in the streets of Cyprus, a man of Arabic descent attempts to find shelter inside the house of a Cypriot family. However, he soon realises that his life is probably more in danger inside the house, rather than outside in the streets with the rioters. The film explores the difficulties that a refugee needs to overcome, the grief that can divide a family, but above all, it focuses on the power of a mother’s love.