Summer Screenings Marathon

Since 2006, cinema lovers in Nicosia have the opportunity to enjoy a diverse programme of quality films in the summer night breeze, from July to mid-September, at the capital’s only remaining open-air cinema.

The ‘Summer Screenings Marathon’, a popular event amongst youths and people of all ages, is organised by the Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture and Theatro Ena, in cooperation with the Friends of Cinema Society.

The Deputy Ministry appreciates the Marathon’s significant contribution in providing enjoyable and quality entertainment during the summer months, enriching the Capital’s social and cultural activities. The films, whether new discoveries or returning favourites, are selected based on their ability to showcase different ideas and cinematic movements, promoting cinema education whilst offering an enjoyable spectacle.

Under the night sky, spectators can embark on unique journeys into different times and places, through familiar classics, enduring family movies, award-winning contemporary films, as well as the works of Cypriot filmmakers and short tributes.