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A love triangle forms between a surrogate mother and the couple whose baby she is pregnant with, when she joins them on a seemingly perfect Greek island vacation. Nothing goes as planned when the truth is revealed about their real intentions and the secrets this island harbours.

Mediterranean Fever

Waleed (40) lives in Haifa with his wife and children and dreams of a writing career while suffering from chronic depression. He develops a close relationship with his neighbor (a small-time crook) with an ulterior plot in mind. His scheme ultimately leads to the formation of an unexpected friendship.


A young apprentice witch dreams of becoming the most wicked witch around – and of course, a wicked witch needs an evil, fire-breathing dragon. Using an old recipe and magic spells, our inexperienced protagonist will eventually conjure a special dragon; just not the one she had in mind!

Women of 22

The words of the women who experienced the Asia Minor Disaster are brought to life in an animated female refugee experience.


An aspiring thief enters a detached house only to discover that he fell into a rabbit hole of sex, violence and absurdity.


She always thought her life was like a movie, but she never expected it to turn into a crime caper comedy! Chara is an emotionally blunted woman who gets caught up in her father’s wild and wacky plan to rob a casino in the occupied areas of Cyprus. When the police and casino mobsters suspect her as the mastermind behind the madness, Chara’s carefully constructed reality crumbles.


A Greek former diving champion and an eccentric German backpacker take an adventurous road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria. THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS is a picture-postcard travelogue about the familial ties that bind, the boys that catch our eye, and the twists and turns that lead us home.

Snow White Dies at the End

Shown through three different threads, the film is a tale of three groups of humans, one fly, one piglet, one toilet bowl and one city, whose paths cross and impact one another. A story about how tremendously difficult it is to remain honest and true to your own values in a morally corrupt environment.


The discovery of an icon, which seems to be crying, launches Elias’ remarkable journey from cemetery caretaker to holy man. While he is on his quest we also follow four other stories of people who have things they want to wish for. Some may seem more important than others but they are all just as human.