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Chara’s family is everything to her, and yet she sometimes ponders a life without them. Unable to talk to anybody about her internal turmoil, she carries the burden of guilt and confusion by herself. When she strikes up a hesitant friendship with the defiant daughter of her new boss, she is inexorably forced to confront her existential angst and face a painful past that she’s been trying to forget


75-year old Pandelis seeks shelter from the calamities of life in his memories.


A love triangle forms between a surrogate mother and the couple whose baby she is pregnant with, when she joins them on a seemingly perfect Greek island vacation. Nothing goes as planned when the truth is revealed about their real intentions and the secrets this island harbours.


A palace ravaged by blood. A slaughterhouse holds all the passions of mankind. A woman, wandering the premises of an abandon slaughterhouse, a reminiscent of her palace, ‘bleeds out’ sins and stereotypes, questioning the story granted to her: When Agamemnon returns from the Trojan War, Clytemnestra murders him in revenge for the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia. Years later, their son, Orestes comes home to avenge his father’s death.

From a dystopian present to an expressionistic past and vice versa, in a re-tell of the myth, “Drained” abolishes both the victimization and demonization of her female self. In her vigorous, yet lyrical monologue, Clytemnestra puts before the audience eternal moral questions: Is self-justice an act of righteousness? Does revenge bring salvation? Can an assassination be forgiven?

While the circle of blood of the Atreides family acts as an archetype, “Drained”, narrates the timeless struggle of a woman who fights for clear consciousness existence and redemption against ruthless, vicious time.


Under the hot Greek sun, the animateurs at an all-inclusive island resort prepare for the busy touristic season. “Nonna” Kalia is the leader of the pack. Paper decors, glossy costumes, characters reminiscent of famous pop personas and dance shows fill the hotel’s stage. As summer intensifies and the pressure of their everyday grind builds up, Kalia’s nights turn violent and her wild summer story is revealed in the darkness. But when the spotlights are turned on again, her show must go on.


An aspiring thief enters a detached house only to discover that he fell into a rabbit hole of sex, violence and absurdity.


Smaragda(46), is a former kids TV show host. Disappointed with love, broke, with a dog and a career stuck in time, she decides to jump on the social media bandwagon in order to raise her profile, while taking a job as an entertainer in a tourist resort. But she feels like time is running out.


THE ISLANDER follows a musician in crisis (Connick Jr.) as he moves, sight unseen, to a remote cliffside house on an island, only to discover his new home has an unfortunate notoriety. Through a series of charming mishaps, it turns out maybe love can be found right where he left it.


A death defying, life affirming odyssey. The thrilling story of George Andreou and his epic and spiritual journey of reaching the world’s highest mountain peak.