Director of Photography: Giorgos Gianneli


A Filipino domestic worker is called upon to help an elderly couple in a mountain village in Cyprus, something that seems a quite easy task, but at the end of the day it will become obvious that it wasn’t that easy.


The discovery of an icon, which seems to be crying, launches Elias’ remarkable journey from cemetery caretaker to holy man. While he is on his quest we also follow four other stories of people who have things they want to wish for. Some may seem more important than others but they are all just as human.


Young Dimitris, on the verge of manhood yet very much still a child, has romanticized his absent father to mythic proportions. When his father is finally released from prison, Dimitris’ dream of family happiness is more lucid than ever, yet it immediately transforms. While fighting to keep everything he wished for, he has to face an unprecedented form of violence.